Pack Classes

Owner and dogs attend classes for cooperative learning/training. Behaviors learned and practiced are basic obedience, manners and socialization.

1st Class $75
6-Week Session
Subsequent Classes $60 6-Week Session

Call for reservations.

In-Kennel Training

Your dog stays at Dogs by Design for at least one week of formal training.  During this time, the dog will be worked in the areas you specify and trained to the maximum level of obedience.

Per Week $180
Includes 2 in facility private lessons.

Private Lessons

Private sessions are recommended to be thirty minutes in length.  Private lessons are recommended to follow on-site training to help the owner to reinforce training or for dogs that show aggression to other dogs or in class settings.

In Facility $20
Out of Facility (limited). Call for pricing.


Agility, Schutzhund, AKC Competition, Tricks, etc.

Dogs have different temperaments.  Therefore, they may require different training methods and/or time periods.

For your convenience and for your dog’s enjoyment, we encourage our boarding for dogs we have trained to keep them fresh on those behaviors previously learned.

Attention to specific training problems can be arranged.  Inquire about methods and pricing.

To find the perfect puppy, ask for help in choosing the dog that’s right for you.

A well-trained, obedient pet can be a safe and great companion for a family, as well as, can avoid becoming a nuisance to the community.