At Dogs by Design, we are not happy until you are happy.  You describe the cut or “design” you would like your dog to receive, and we will do our best to fit your specific wants or needs.  All grooms are kept on record, so if you want something done differently at your next visit, we can make changes accordingly.

Short-hair, small $15-20
Short-hair, medium $25-30
Short-hair, large $40-50
Small, trim $20-26
Small, detailed $25-30
Medium, cut $30-38
Large, cut $50-75
Nails only $8-10
Teeth $5
Additional coat care $5-10
Extra de-matting $5-20

Bath and groom include bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, leave-in conditioner or cologne, and more. The condition of your dog’s skin and coat will also be checked.

Grooming prices are determined by the condition of the dog’s coat, frequency of the dog’s groom, and the dog’s cooperation.