Ashli Davidson is a 2003 graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education.  She continued her education and career goals to pursue qualification in dog training and grooming at the Tom Rose School of Professional Dog Training and Grooming in High Ridge, MO.  She received instruction and extensive personal experience in training for dog obedience; protection; agility; AKC and Schutzhund tracking; search and rescue; narcotics, bomb, and cadaver detection; scent discrimination; and service dogs.  In July of 2004, she graduated as a Professional Dog Trainer from the Tom Rose School.  She was also certified in grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Upon her certification from the Tom Rose School, Ashli with her husband, Blake, began a real dream to own and operate their own pet care business.  They are very excited and devoted to offer their resources and abilities to other pet lovers.  They currently provide training, grooming, limited boarding, workshops, and private lessons.

Blake Davidson has been certified as a DVG Trial Helper.